CogLabs Partner Sold for 81 million

Natrol, Inc., our partner in offering the BrainSpeed (tm) test both online and at retail - has been acquired by Plethico, a healthcare co. based in Mumbai(Bombay) India for $81 million in cash consideration. (details of closing)

The innovative combined test, which represented the first time consumers were able to track their mental state in conjunction with a consumer packaged good (CPG) like they might track something on ups.com or their favorite online retailer, was first launched in 2005 at E3 in Los Angeles; subsequently - more than 50,000 people logged in after purchase. Blogs, specifically weblogs, inc and our own brainspeed.blogspot and our simple javascript game brainSpeed blaster (tm) which has logged hundreds of thousands of plays (developed by me), were used to support the effort, along with standard marketing stuff.

The Natrol blend was scientifically engineered, containing Huperzine A, among other ingredients. Following this launch, the NIH sponsored a large scale clinical trial of Huperzine (ongoing) as a possible treatment for Alzheimer's. At least one company, Neuro-HiTech has gone public as a biotech company on the emerging neurocognitive potential of Huperzine.

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