Building an AJAX Slider

Say you have a health oriented website or blog (or anything for that matter). How can you create the effects you see on yahoo, aol.com, revolution health, and others. What I am talking about are those nice pictures that fade in and out, usually celebrity-related such as the latest Britney Spears gaffe, tie in with television, or model shot of jolly, healthy-looking people on the home page of a health portal.

You can do it with a Flash slider gadget or you can do it with JavaScript.
I found a site that makes it all easier than coding purely from scratch...here it is.
I don't know that this device is a match for cognitive labs, due to our intentional simplicity, but we may use it on some other websites.

It's interesting that with experimentation, you see that the latest and greatest looks good on first glance but becomes tiresome for repeat users - a particularly bad idea is too many moving sliders and drop down boxes associated with basics like checking email. Losing a half second every time you want to check email becomes irritating eventually. That's why simple, even banal design - well executed may trump fancy templates and complex CSS. I've come to this conclusion just through watching the numbers and activity. There's a fine balance between innovation and disruption of the user experience.

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