Top Ten Brain Developments for 2007: look ahead to 2008

2007 Developments...

-Dr. James Watson, co-discoverer of the double-helix, gets decoded
and elects
not to know his APOEe4 (Alzheimer's genetic risk) status - book

-Brain Training: a Nascent Industry gets more support, led at the consumer end by Nintendo which has sold 10 million copies of BrainAge

-Personal Genetic Assessment Becomes Widely Available

-"Genebook/MyDNA" Hypothetically available from deCodeme and 23and me
-friends and contacts can see each others genetic make-up
-will people select associations in the future based on the data?
-Science fictional concept from many works including the film 'Gattaca'

-Connection Between APOEe4,Cognitive Speed and Early Detection of Impairment
shown by Cognitive Labs in peer-reviewed research

-Scientists moving toward cocktail approach in treating Alzheimer's

-Consensus on Early detection of Alzheimers is becoming increasingly vocal

-Cognitive 'Speed' a key measure of cognitive fitness, studies show speed exercises maintain brain fitness more effectively than randomly selected activities. Also, eat chocolate and have sex

-Cognitive Labs' creates first open source brain-training gadgets that can run anywhere

(successful beta complete, this may be one for 2008)

-According to New Scientist, there may be Multiple Universes in the same place, which would help to explain the problem of the 'missing mass' in astrophysics. Put a bag with a few grams of sand on a scale, yet the weight is 1 kilogram. Our present detection methods are insensitive to these hidden grains of sand.

Univ. of Arizona paper on missing mass

These Developments, in our biased opinion, will contribute towards a better year ahead - with greater life, prosperity and health for everyone.

(ankh, wedja, seneb)

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