New Deal

The deal is this:

We've decided to spend no effort selling advertising until we reach 1,000,000 visitors per month. Though since we topped 700,000 collectively in December that might not be too long.

So far we've been approached by Blue Lithium (Yahoo!), several ad agencies, car companies, pharmaceuticals, etc., people who want to join us to sell ads and partnerships but all we've done so far is Adsense...which covers our operating expenditures, and we keep selling subscriptions.

Do you like music? That's an area of the web that has devolved, or evolved - depending on your perspective, whether you are a label exec or a technologist.

Should we launch a music service along with our games? Well, we've got some pretty cool technology in this area, that may let you see your tunes in a new light, keep checking in...also what do you think of helio - a mobile service with a retail presence in Palo Alto, Santa Monica, New York, and more; founded by Sky Dayton, Earthlink's founder. The co. is backed by both SK Telecom and Earthlink. And now, the video "Santa Monica" by Everclear...

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