Early Warning System for Baldness

The genetic revolution meets late-night infomercials as an entrepreneur is marketing the first gene-based baldness test. I could see it emerging like this...

"Baldness, it doesn't have to happen to you...

If there was a way you could find out about being bald years before the Fates decreed it, you'd probably want to hear about it, right?

Friend, what if I told you that the key was in your genes, and I could tell you with 99.9% certainty when and if you will be bald by age 40?

No, it's not a dream come true. Just call this number - it's 3 easy payments, just pennies per day. No more wondering, no more worrying, instead, step up with confidence.

Knowing has its advantages. Head off balding with a lifetime supply of minoxydol, compresses of used Espresso coffee grounds wrapped in a turban, a pump-action concealing compound matched to your natural hair color; or better yet get a proactive hair transplant. Of course bald can be beautiful - just look at Barry Diller.

But first, let me send you my free book-all with absolutely no obligation. Operators are standing by...

And that's not all, call now and get 40% off the regular price and my handy guide to every single genetic test on Earth. Which ones can help you get ahead AND sleep soundly at night. Why wait? Call now.

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