Cognitive Labs: More Visitors Blow though the turnstiles.

More and more people are playing our games. We've broken through half a million monthly visits and are heading up from there.

I checked and we're actually up more than 40 fold, 40X or 4,000 percent since November 2005.

I think there is going to be a major push in human cognitive evolution in the coming years, diven by three vectors: the first is the focus on cognitive renewal itself. Second, the increasing awareness of the environment demo'd by Al Gore and others argues for more energy thrift and self-sufficiency, which may lead to an inward focus on locality and paradoxically and thirdly, the prophesied 'digital brain' being created between social networks and IM.

It's Lascaux Cave or predynastic slip ware pottery from Egypt (when people suddenly started painting recurring geometric shapes) all over again.

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