Meet the Father of the Atomic Bomb

Meet the father of the atomic bomb, J.R. Oppenheimer who led the Manhattan project. He also studied sanskrit at Berkeley (post-doctoral).

In other news, Russia has restarted flights of the Tupolev Tu-95 ("Bear"), as evidenced by the non-confrontational interception of two Tu-95s over Guam today by U.S. jets, believed to be the resumption of "probing" of U.S. defenses common during the Cold War from the 1950's to the mid-80's. The Tu-95 has been Russia's premiere strategic bomber since the latter 1950's.

The Tsar Bomb is Tested- the Largest Nuclear Explosion ever

In 1961, a "Bear" dropped the Tsar Bomb - the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated on Earth at 100 megatons in a remote Artic sea archiplelago at the instigation of Khrushchev. The blast was seen 1,000 kilometers away and broke glass windows in Finland.

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