Games, Lies, Sex, and a Password


A gang kidnapped one of the world's top RPG players and held a loaded revolver against his head , apparently in an attempt to get him to divulge his password, which they planned to sell for a sum of cash.

The role-playing snare was set up using Google's orkut social network with a date with one of the gangsters' girlfriend as bait.

The RPGing neo fell for the gambit and wound up in the trap. After a few tense hours during which he wouldn't give up his password - the keys to his online uber he-man status of the gaming world - he was released.

According to the police, the captive is the world leader in GunBound, a turn-based RPG-style multiplayer online game. Developed in South Korea, in this artillery game you get more experience points, offensive and defensive capabilities depending on your skills during battle, as well as money to buy more weapons, armor and all kinds of gear for your multiple avatars. You can only play with one of your avatars each time, but all of them belong to a single account.

This may be the first case where an online identity is more important than a real person.

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