Yahoo Answers: Crowd Kudos to Cognitive Labs

Cognitive Labs got a nice mention in Yahoo! Answers today as a (the) topdog serious brain game site. All of a sudden traffic started flowing in from that URL, like the digg effect. In particular our extremely simple registration process was highlighted. Our goal is to make registration at least 50% easier than it is right now. Think of Jakob Nielsen-like simplicity. So simple, it's counterintuitive.
How many times are you confronted with "you must join our site, create a user name, password, SSN, favorite pet, etc. in order to user our wonderful web site." Until the portable identity is 100% adopted which is probably not going to happen, our ascetic "lean" form of registration is hopefully closer to satori.


registration sucks
i really don't like passwords
just let me play now

That said, our new goal is to reach 500 million users as an informational service.

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