Weight Training Good for the Heart, the Face

Governor Schwarzenegger, in the day

Scientists have long stressed cardiovascular exercise as far more important than physical strength or mass, however that opinion may be changing - as weight-training has been shown in a new study to be good for the heart.

Another benefit of weight training in connection to aging is its ability to reduce the pace of bone mass decline. Little known to some people, loss of bone mass is a key culprit in actually looking old, particularly in the case of men.

First the skin begins to age and through loss of naturally occurring collagen, becomes wrinkled and less resistant - exacerbated by not drinking enough water. The loss of bone mass means less pressure on the skin and subcutaneous tissue from active bone tissue. As a result, the angularity of the face can become less prominent - which happens with aging. However, maintaining bone mass is something you can control to an extent by the amount of stress you place on the bones, fueled by a proper diet and sufficient calcium. This is why drinking milk regularly is a good idea, coupled with weight training.

This is why many people in their 60's and 70's or older, look sometimes 15-25 years younger than their calendar age, plus are also healthier and less likely to suffer from loss of balance and falls as they age.

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