Voracious, Jumbo Squid Invades California Coast

The area around Monterey Bay is intensely rich, due to the collision of differential ocean currents. Monterey was noted early on by the Spanish as an ideal resting spot to take on provisions for the so-called Manila Galleons making return voyages across the Pacific before they sailed south along the coast of Baja California to New Spain.

Now, due perhaps to climatic changes, a species of giant squid first observed in the area in 1997 has been growing in population and threatens the central coast's rebounding anchovie and hake population. The California Anchovie industry, centered at Monterey - was made famous by the book Cannery Row, peaked in the 1920s and 30's and then declined for more than 60 years before starting to rebound in the 1990's, while hake is a white fish often made into fish sticks.

The new aggressive predator threatens the revival of the environmental balance in the area.

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