Reagan, the Great Communicator

Ronald Reagan did a lot to raise awareness of Alzheimer's. Fortunately for him, he lived a long full life when it began to rob him of his mental faculties.

The art of oratory has been in free fall since his presidency; while Bill Clinton was a skilled, if somewhat mechanical speaker - Reagan was able to exude sincerity and authenticity - whether he was talking about the sacrifice of thousands on D-Day, World Peace to the United Nations, what kind of threat it might take to draw all nations together, or the economy. Whatever side of the political spectrum you were on, his skill and self-effacing concern for others was apparent.

He developed these skills in part by promoting soap...Borax, the sponsor of Death Valley Days, the longest running Western series (prior to 'Gunsmoke') and others.

By the way, the Presidential brain gym, taking longer to complete than the Transcontinental railroad (it seems) is done, all the way from Washington through Lincoln, FDR, JFK, Reagan, Carter, Clinton, and Bush.

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