Logan's Run: 29 and Zapped...

There is no Sanctuary

Remember Logan's Run? This pic comes from IMDB which will not let you link to any of its photos. It's anti-user friendly, however it's easy to save and post the content anyway (for free) so the DRM effort is a worthless distraction that probably keeps the site from being more popular. They (Amazon) need to create an IMDB widget or something more user friendly. Here's a link to IMDB, but what a hassle.

Anyway, right before age 30 men and women were 'transformed' through Carrousel, and were literally 'zapped' into dust. I never thought I could reach age 30, but now that seems relatively young.

Needless to say, in this dystopia, they wouldn't need Aubrey DeGrey, caloric restriction, Andy Weill, Deepak Chopra, and just about nobody would have Alzheimer's.

However, through our ability to understand our own genes, we may be participating in our own Festival...look below - it's a Youtube snippet:

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