DNA Deciphered, Personal Alert Services?

6.03.07 - DNA has been deciphered, thanks to Nobel prize winning Dr. James Watson, along the lines of the work of Jean Francois Champollion, who translated Egyptian heiroglyphs. Here is a piece in slashdot. The next step is personal DNA mapping.

This should usher in the era of personalized 'alert' services as a preliminary step. If you have spent time here and taken a few tests, you have already entered into this new world, where the web itself and your computer becomes your lab assistant and your key to self-discovery. Several of our tests have correlated with possible genetic predisposition for Alzheimer's, so your score, in coming months and years will likely be a gateway into this exciting new world of Knowing. Dr Watson himself was unsure if he wanted to know about predisposition for Alzheimer's, but many people do want find out so they can take action. Another benefit of speed-based brain exercise, more so than other forms, is the development of additional cognitive reserve.

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