Air Supply Affects Alzheimer's

The latest science news on the brain and Alzheimer's is the connection between air supply, and lack thereof and memory loss. To make sure you have enough, we've provided this video, which hopefully you have forgotten, if indeed - you ever saw it :

But on a more serious note, see this piece from the Scotsman (UK)

AN INCIDENT of reduced oxygen to the brain caused by a stroke, heart attack, or even heavy snoring could make people more vulnerable to Alzheimer's disease, according to scientists. It can leave the patient more open to the gradual build-up of toxic chemicals which can cause Alzheimer's, a team at Leeds University said. This means a stroke victim may still be more at risk of developing Alzheimer's decades after they have made a full recovery.

Professor Chris Peers, of the school of medicine, who led the research, said: "Our research is looking into what happens when oxygen levels in the brain are reduced by a number of factors, from long-term conditions like emphysema and angina, to sudden incidents such as a heart attack, stroke or head trauma.

"Even though the patient may outwardly recover, the hidden cell damage may be irreversible.

"It could even be an issue for people who snore heavily. It can be anything that stops the heart and lungs working together."

Professor Susanne Sorensen, head of research at the Alzheimer's Society, said: "This is exciting because rather than focusing on neurons they looked at processes in the brain, which up until now have not been resesarched in much detail.... read more of the article

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