6 Million and more

CogLabs breaks 6 Million page views in 2007 just a few minutes ago; now at 6,001,003 - traffic up on 'presidents' brain gym.

Remember Nintendo sent a BrainAge game along with a Nintendo DS to George W for his last birthday?

Well, Cognitive Labs has been experimenting with the Presidential brain gym...which uses our proprietary and patented test 1.

See a pic of a founding father, honest abe, growth-minded Polk, or Richard "you won't have dick nixon to kick around anymore" Nixon...

Then there's a pause with Jerry Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George I, Bill Jeff Clinton, and George II. Several presidents ascended to the office accidentally - including Truman, LB Johnson and Ford. For almost 50 years after the Civil War, the country was run by ex-Union generals and soldiers, all the way up through McKinley, who was a common soldier at Antietam, attracting the notice of General Benjamin Harrison through his simple heroism, and was promoted on the battlefield to an officer's rank; I don't recall this being emphasized much in school, but that's where the data takes you.

You may learn some facts you didn't know

Next up, Gladiator's brain gym, a real mental workout/gymnasium or lyceum.

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