Your Brain is Better Off: TV Numbers plummet

Television viewership has dropped significantly in the U.S. between this year and spring 2006 - an aggregate loss to the networks of 2.5 million viewers.

TV executives, such as NBC's head of research, played down the stats, asserting that the decline is illusory - and that tools to measure delayed or suspended viewing or downloads from websites such as iTunes simply have not evolved enough to enable tracking of additional media consumption.

At stake is more than $8.8 Billion in advertising revenue, sold to advertisers at a premium on the basis of engaged, concurrent viewers. If viewers are not, in fact, behaving as predicted, then the value drops.

TV doesn't have the brain boosting features of Cognitive Labs or brain.com, though you could build a meta-tuner for all televised content at brain.com, there are a few sites running live streams of virtually all televised content worldwide using the Flash video codec, but so far these have not caught on in the manner of all-everything clip-fests like youtube.

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