Video Games Now Middle-Aged

Video games have just turned the big 4-0.

That is because 40 years ago was the date when some enterprising developers connected a Magnavox TV set to their experimental console and played a precursor of the future classic "pong".

One of the people who saw the demo was Nolan Bushnell. He improved on the concept and created the memorable name "Pong." It was later commercialized, with great fanfare by the start-up Atari and its head, who coincidentally also happened to be Nolan Bushnell.

Later, he would bring forth another wonder - Chuck E. Cheese, inevitably patronized at some point by those with kids, on the way to feverishly creating more than 20 companies, according to Wikipedia. (A worthy goal)

Read all the details at one-up.com.

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