A Real Nice Algorithm

I just developed a real nice algorithm. It's incredibly simple. There's a series, arguments, a divisor (constant), and it can be derived a couple of different ways. Here's a hint: time is one of the elements. I'm trying to symbolically portray how the brain processes information - not for an academic paper, rather for a system function.

In the supply chain days, post-UPS: we once had a Operations Research professor at University of Michigan helping us out - Dr. Katta Murty. He would work on algorithms, say "Ah, I've developed a real nice algorithm!" then we would run down and get Indian food at an all-you can eat vegan Indian place. That was at the company's 1st office location. I also had another O.R. expert on my dissertation committee - Dr. Nabil Rageh, who was Egyptian - he was a manufacturing expert.

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