Expert Systems in HealthCare

Healthcare information systems need a transfusion. An array of complex, aging systems, organizational ennui, and lack of incentive in staid, health CIO positions make innovation scarce and punishable by banishment for would-be revolutionaries.

Year after year, and now decade after decade - the same problems are evident and have not been solved except around the edges. The Minotaur of systems complexity wanders through the halls of a Health Care palace of Knossos, and nothing happens. No Theseus emerges to slay the beast and save Health -IT from its intellectual and imaginative convalescence.

The state of HealthCare IT is so bad in for profit and non-profit health that a small team empowered by the Civil servants at the U.S. Veterans Administration did the impossible - created an electronic patient record system that is unparalleled in its utility and simplicity, and shamed a multi-billion dollar industry with an expenditure of just a few million dollars.

An expert system is a theoretical construct that makes decisions, or assists others in making timely decisions, using information. This is where serious games come into play in the identification of people who might want to follow-up or take testing and analysis to a second level.

Once you are in the system (registered user), it is a simple matter to offer an array of more extensive queries in the manner of an Expert system to flag performance changes and narrow down possible causes - so individuals, their families, educators, and caregivers can take action. This Cognitive Management System, (CMS) brings the Expert system, via the Internet, into an active role in understanding and evaluating cognitive performance. Still, there is no reason that people cannot have fun at the same time!


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