April 2007 Box Score

We ended up in April with 116,596 unique visitors, over 1 million page views. But, here is the more interesting data because inquiring minds want to know:

Serious Test Taker Analysis

New registered users:

(1) Simple reaction time test – variety 1 (MyDNA) 4,250 new
(2) Simple reaction time test – variety 2 (Alz. Association) 5,215 new
(3) Reversal Cue test - memory test 1,252 new
(4) Visuospatial Capacity Test 319 new
(5) Focus and Reaction Time Trainer 7 new
(6) MemoryPIX (surprise) 1,062 new
(7) BrainAge Test (weighted score, needs clarity 2,162 new
(8) Brainpal Reaction Test (yellow-red dot test) 843 new
(9) Main site registration (give us your email-homepage 490 new
(10) Genespeed 690 new
subtotal 16,290

Einstein brain gym

The Einstein brain gym is one of the most popular features on the site and offers 9 tests and 72 different test variations, depending on intensity and duration of the tests, and more than 100 pages of content. The Einstein brain gym is the top-fold feature on Game Central, cognitivelabs.com game portal and has received 76,608 page views in April, approx 7% of total.

Game Central

registered 8,169 people in April. rolling total: 24,459

Of this amount, we estimate at least 40%, or 3,267 have tried the brain gym. This brings us to a total of 19,558 new visitors undertaking serious activities and we estimate an additional 2,000-3,000 through searches, via email, and additional serious tests that also do not require registration.

Friends and related interests: 26,311 nominations were received - this is where someone wants to spread the news with other contacts. These are segmented by interest.

That's all for now.


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