Unbelievably Weird - Real News

What's real? What's Not.

a) Multinational oil company in the discovery, refining, and marketing business launches a brain training portal on the web.

b) A publicly traded company that previously designed a $445,000 flying car switches gears and offers a two person flying saucer for just $125,000. Get the prospectus.

c) Management consultants at the staid Booz, Allen, and Hamilton management consultantcy (known for hiring Harvard and Stanford MBAs) produce a primer on "protecting yourself from the impending alien invasion"

Answer: Each is a true story, appearing in the mainstream media. (Or advertised on this very site)

- Shell Oil company has launched a brain-training portal. They've always believed in a portfolio of related, complementary businesses (As advertised on cognitivelabs.com) The same day we launched a green-theme on the home page.

- Moller International (Davis, CA) offers a flying saucer for sale (Wired blogs) for about the same $$ as a Range Rover. Stock quote: Google Finance

- Management consultants say Carl Sagan's "they're so advanced, they must mean well" philosophy regarding life in the universe might not be correct. To avoid having to contest ownership of the earth with a strategy similar to that used by the Iraqi insurgents, the global powers (meaning Big 3 or 5) have to start planning now.
Let's get Michael (Competitive Strategy) Porter working on it

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