Microsoft Gets into the Memory Business

We Can Remember it for you Wholesale...Pictures jog Your Memory. This is the premise of Memory TV and also our new test variations....good thing we've filed the patents

Scientists have found that Alzheimer's sufferers who were given a "human black box", have shown significant improvements in long-term memory.

The 'human black box' called 'SenseCam' is a square black camera 3in square and half an inch think, and is worn around the neck. It has a series of sensors that trigger a fish-eye lens to take pictures in response to changes such as motion and light variation, gestures or heat from a person in front of the camera.

The research was conducted by Microsoft.

As part of the study it was found that a patient, who without the camera, had virtually no recall of events five days after they happen, was able to recall details of trips several months after viewing images taken by the device to trigger her own memories, the Telegraph reported.

The device takes up to 2,000 pictures per day, which are downloaded to a home computer, and can be viewed as a speeded up slideshow or one by one. Microsoft is still testing prototypes.

The researchers claim that the miniature camera can enrich the lives of people with dementia and other memory problems.

SenseCam can also be used for tourism or as a personal digital diary. Combined with other sensors such as a heart rate monitor, it could have other medical applications.

The findings were revealed at the British Psychological Society conference in New York.

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