site refresh(ment)

Time for an Interface "refresh" - while it is a large site, simplicity has gotten away from us a little bit....and we're gazing at the remnants of Ozymandias. We need to combine some of the elements in a refreshing way - for example, the interchange between tests and games. The tests are in fact games of a scientific order, and the games, some of them, are test-like. We're finding, as data archaeologists that visitors behave in interesting ways on the site - not really what you might expect.We're also sticking with our one-log in philosophy - you provide one piece of information, not two - which by nature, is easier on the user. How many user names and passwords do you need? Even with password memory, it is irritating. If you have any requests, let us know - design +/@- cognitivelabs.com, otherwise we'll be asking friends at random. No, there won't be any tag clouds.


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