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I sometimes like to quote reviews and testimonials....here's one from the blog of an attorney, who does a back-to-back review of our 1-minute test and Dr. Michael Roizen's Real Age...

President's Day Potpourri: Quick thinking, longevity, and a spotlight on the iconoclast

Happy President's Day to all of you in the USA. If you are taking at least a few minutes off from work, I recommend three activities.

Start by measuring how quickly your brain responds to what you see. I learned of this handy little measuring device at "How Fast Can You Think? Free Brain Speed Test" posted at Mindware Forum. Take the test to measure the speed of your brain. From the testing site:

What does my score mean?

This test provides a measurement of your cognitive speed or reaction time. . . . Broadly speaking, scores better than 300 milliseconds are favorable, which can be achieved by most normal adults after developing familiarity with the test.

It is now understood that there are links between cognitive processing speed, intelligence, and longevity.

My score was faster than 300 milliseconds. That's a relief! Try it; it's fun and informative.

Speaking of longevity, have you taken the complimentary RealAge test? Visitors to the site are told:

Your RealAge, developed by Dr. Michael Roizen, is the biological age of your body, based on how well you've maintained it. Take the RealAge test today and find out yours and how you can improve it!

Another treat for you and your young (you did score young, yes?) reading brain . . . I was delighted to see a very favorable review today of a book I recommended here last week. (See my post "Phil Rosenzweig: Guide to taking the wisdom of law firm management to a deeper level.") USA Today carried the positive review "Level-headed book exposes some wrong business thinking." The book The Halo Effect: ... and the Eight Other Business Delusions That Deceive Managers is myth-busting and iconoclastic -- a refreshing addition to the bookshelf of anyone caring to go above and beyond the standard business book fare we are typically offered these days. Yeah, I kinda like this book. So did the USA Today reviewer. So will you.

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