Bruce Eisner's mindware Forum

Bruce Eisner covers this new test in his mindware forum - a 'tech crunch' of mindware.

We also developed another test which gives you a view of earth from afar while you are training your brain, and some other variations on the theme.

You also will be able to read about our most recent publication (Journal of Psychiatric Research) when it is released shortly. A preview is now available on PubMed. The study is a refereed scientific paper by Stanford researchers on the use of Cognitive's speed-of-processing based technology in detecting cognitive impairment, and - in fact, screening people who are APOEe4 positive based on the ultra sensitivity of the test. The test linked to above is one of the instruments in the paper. What exists is much more than a simple game, but your entree into successful cognitive enhancement over the web, with enormous potential impact.

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