What To Do When Your Site Attracts Domain Parkers?

Yes it's true. Cognitive Labs has attracted a couple of domain parkers.
If you mis-type one letter in the URL you get this...


I hope it's worthwhile for them. Also, a competitor has purchased a similar typo and it goes to their site.(sorry, no free publicity)

It's an interesting phenomenon. I heard that one company just received some $80 million plus in Venture Capital funding based on this principle - betting on people to make a mistake or be confused (which is probably axiomatic).

With Google, type in "Gogle" and you will be redirected to the real thing.

However, two steps away "Ggle" and you see this - a "for sale" sign.

In the future, this may become an area for Donald Trump-style no money down real estate speculation, or worse the "rich dad, poor dad" phenomenon. If there was a way to securitize the future interest in the value of a domain name, it could lead to some interesting arbitrage possibilities.

For reddit, reddt is redirected to the home page, but "redditt" leads here

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