The Most Irritating Game Ever

"Surely, let me tell you this is the most irritating brain game yet devised."
"Au Contraire, mon Kapitan" - and don't call me Surely. But seriously, this game is demented in its conception. It requires you to simultaneously control a dasher and a horizontal widget, keeping a cueball that moves unctuously from falling precipitously off the edge. Meanwhile, the dasher needs to be maneuvered so as to impel a small, ping-pong ball to bounce off the edges of the boundary, and again off the dasher whilst all the while the cueball moves snarkily toward the edge. To top it off, there's a timer which measures your cognitive effectiveness down to the millisecond. "Upon the outcome of this noble effort," one could argue, "the fate of great nations lies."

Compare it to patting your head and rubbing your tummy, and vice-versa with a stopwatch. Definitively and Incontrovertibly Good for the Brain.

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