1,001 Uses of our tests

The author has it spot on with all the things you can do with our tests.

In fact, you can even set up your own poll or competition in the Cognitive Labs Communities section, which we made no mention of, but people are starting to sign up. It's your soap box.

some ideas: Repubs vs. Democrats, Vegans vs. Omnivores, Big Mac eaters vs Burger King "Whopper" eaters. By the way, have you seen the commercial where the weird "King" shoots ketchup at Ronald McDonald in a knock-off, I think, of those old "Pardon me: Would you have any grey poupon?" commercials - It's on YouTube.

I saw Ronald McDonald in Chicago walking down Michigan Avenue (July) He went into a Starbuck's (for shame)- they were filming a commercial, and he was taking a break.
Brand dissonance.

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