The Invisible Hand

I am putting together a "top ten developments on the brain" for 2006, a retrospective on a year in which Cognitive Labs grew by almost Herculean proportions, as if by the studied, dispassionate efforts of an "invisible hand" of mythical sapience. But before we get to that...

The credit for the growth goes to you, dear reader, who have decided, time and again, to return to this humble stall for a sampling of the day's catch, intrigued and expectant of what might be found in the nets, laid out to dry in a Meditteranean sun.

Let us hope, you and I, as we journey into the sunset of this year together, a gentle wind at our back filling our sails, that we will find further discoveries in the coming year, enchanted isles where pieces of the puzzle that can be considered neuroscience are assembled with the care of an archaeologist resurrecting potsherds, gradually bringing us into a more holistic understanding of the world, nee the universe in which we live, gently floating on the majestic molecular breeze that fills the hallowed spaces between the stars.

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