testdrive: google mobile client

I downloaded the new Google mobile mail client today (Java) as a cognitive exercise and am rather impressed. I rarely, if ever, refer to gadgets here but everything about the experience was intuitive and easy - a definite 2 thumbs up.

For example, if you launch your mobile browser and head to Google, there is an obvious link above the search box imploring you to get Google mail.

I clicked on it and downloaded it (about 120k) and was quickly registered using my existing gmail account info. All of the my inbox mails were immediately visible.
Clicking on the newest mail from the Google API group, it was displayed quickly within a nice, round-cornered blue colored frame of about 2 pixels in width.
Handset specific, probably, but a very nice rendering on a rather small screen.
Yahoo mail within the browser, by contrast is impossible since it always attempts to load the content of the inbox (17,000 + read and saved messages in my case). The Google client eliminated this problem....

read more in the Google blog

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