Preliminary Data: My Genes Trump Diet, Longevity

What do you think is more important? Your DNA, your diet and weight, or your longevity?

This is a question people who have taken our 'thinking speed test' an objective measure of raw brain speed as collected by your computer's CPU, often see depending on the specific offer.

We started running this test in connection with revolutionhealth.com, a portal that is under development, and that explains the logo on the test. 21,000 people have completely and accurately filled out this simple survey, which is just an optional link from that specific test implementation, e.g., "thinking speed."

Interestingly, knowledge about one's genetic background is of more interest than the usual concern with fitness, diet, and longevity. That is because it is the genes that are the 'key' or program to your existence, a pathway to better strategies in each of the typical health concern areas. Stanford has observed the correlation between test performance on several of our tests available here and conditions such as APOEe4 positive as it relates to earlier than usual cognitive impairment. For now, the tools are in your hands to monitor yourself over time and detect the degree of variance. We'll keep records for you as a timesaver.

And that is the serious part of the fun that makes up our site, now by far the largest in the world.... We think it's possible that we will be the first company to generate a very signficant number of users in this arena, probably 100 million is achievable within 1-2 years. It's already happening.

You'll see on the home page some new nomenclature: the number of registered users X the number of neurons of each user, and therein the 1.3 x10 to the 17th number.

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