MIT tries to replicate 'open source' successes: eBay, Google, Wikipedia with a brain focus

MIT launches an effort to create open source communities building on the success of eBay, Google, and Wikipedia.

Participating in the initiative are the McGovern Institute for Brain Science and the MIT Media Lab, Pearson Publishing, and Wharton.

The goal is to replicate the new model of collaborative work, loose networks connected by information. It reminds me of my dissertation, which was how organizations compete by creating interorganizational systems within a matrix of network organizations, the palimpsest at that time being Electronic Data Interchange and XML. It tied in with the UPS goal of linking the flow of funds, goods, and information and that's why they generously underwrote all of my doctoral studies and research while I was working full time.

No mention of MySpace or ta-dum Cognitive Labs.

We added 3,000 + members in the past 18 hours, some people stumbling upon us literally. Some of the stumblers, nominating their friends. Quite a few people opted to share the HAL test.

We hope to try out some new features, we've developed a 'forums' section but it is not publicly available yet. We're not sure if we want forums as they exist today or something else, and if we go with forums, it might be a transition that would be hard to re-engineer or transmigrate so we're not quite sure yet.

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