Firefox game: get refreshed


Enjoy. 30% of the visitors now use FireFox, up from 6% last year, an astounding growth rate. Our audience is now large enough to indicate this is a significant movement. Our audience also, is not just the few thousand people in Silcon Valley and the tech industry who watch trends but folks all over the U.S. and the world, similar to those people that might want to track a UPS package on the Internet. (Flat Earth, Thomas Friedman, Chapter 8) or search on Google (Flat Earth, Thomas Friedman, Chapter 9) you could buy it at Amazon or pick it up at Target...another Flat Earth demonstration. The book also talks about unzipping the human genome and designer drugs, a future growth area. For example: "Mr Jones, your brainspeed seems a little slow these past few days, how about an XYZ pill?" - this would be via email or chat. Or, Mr Jones, your brainspeed is trending downward for 3 months...maybe it's time to schedule an MRI?"
The MRI will be evaluated by experts in India, who will make some suggestions. (this all assumes Jones opts-in to the voluntary tracking program). Best of all, Assume Mr. Jones schedules an offworld vacation, staying at the Budget Space Inn. First, he can log in to spacetix.org and see if there are any cancellations (he doesn't want to pay $200,000)Great! there is availability, then Jones picks the cognitive games tailored to enhancing low-gravity cognitive fitness, as part of his personal training regimen. Spaceflight training will become a domain of personal trainers in the near future, just watch. While in space, Jones uses Google earth to home in on and his free-IP based phone account to talk to family and colleagues at home (for free) over a satellite connection.

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