Dots a part of the brain's evolution

It seems that seeing dots is part of the brain's evolution, part of the development of consciousness that can be traced back tens of thousands of years. Why did cro-magnon people suddenly "get it" and learn to see the world symbolically? While before, they were little more than beasts, unable to speak and comprehend. What's next? Some people think that this level of consciousness could be compared to a chicken getting out of its egg and seeing a wider world. However, there's an even bigger egg that we have to hatch from, that's the egg that surrounds the earth and moon. As a species, we pecked at the shell, chickened out, and now we're getting ready to make another effort to crack that shell. The Internet is one of the tools that extends beyond this second shell and exists everywhere, it's a fulcrum for the future growth of the brain and moving on into, possibly, higher levels of awareness and consciousness, also including as Hawking says, moving out into space and permanent habitation - that's another characteristic of the breaking of this second shell.

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