We have feet + two legs: Use them

I'm turning over a new leaf. We're all concerned with the earth and keeping it in a steady state. Many people think that it's too late - that warming is unstoppable at this point, and may trigger a runaway freight train effect in the environment.

I've got one unoriginal suggestion.
If we were meant to just drive everywhere, we wouldn't need the legs we have in their current configuration.

But wait, you say, I have to drive to work, go to a meeting, etc.

Think about all the connected tools we have. Is it not possible to walk and do work? For example, I can walk around the placid streets of our town and check this site you're reading - no problem. A hundred people can be online taking tests or playing games and I could just be walking around, making money from Adsense, or planning some new code. If you can think in whatever code you're working in, develop an outline in your head, then when you do sit down you can knock out a significant little project or feature, test it, and get it live in just a few hours.

If I can stay connected in this aways-on world, so can you. If we all tried to walk as much as possible, we would also help our brains. Did you know that the best way to fight early Alzheimer's is cardiovascular exercise? That's what the specialists say, followed by cognitive exercise.

To top it of, you will lose weight and undesirable body mass and gain appreciation for the architecture of your city, the remaining nature of your suburb, or a true enjoyment of the serenity of a rural setting, with its matrix of chirping birds, insects, and animals, the warmth of the earth radiating heat up into the air.

If you can enjoy this, while staying connected to the digital cocoon, then give it a try.

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