Gaming Feeds and Become a Gaming Editor

The RSS feed will be up later today...Plus there is going to be a new feature in the gaming area - suggest-a-game (that's after the feeds are live)

You've probably always wanted to be an editor, giving the thumbs or thumbs down on the vagaries of content. In fact, you are already the editor of your own life. With that in mind....

There is no way that we (our extensive editorial team and developers) can make all the games that will satisfy your interest for fun and challenging brain games - so we would like you to get involved by either submitting some of your own games (that's going to be a small number of people) or by pointing us in the direction of games you like and also want to tell others about.

There is one cardinal rule: no downloads (except for the Flash Player where that is needed) - that fits our rule about simplicity.

So, your submission page will be there as well. thanks

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