Game Feeds are now Active.

If you use an RSS reader, it will automatically pick up the feed in our game page and you can add it to your favorites. Then you will be able to access all the new games from within your reader and most importantly, get a ping when we publish a new game which can be really anytime of the day or night. If you are using a reader with blogs (common) then you already know how to do this. Many newer browsers already incorporate these feeds so you might be able to pick it up with little hassle.

If you haven't used them and think I'm talking about hay or alfalfa, a 'feed' is just a file that sits out on the internet and when a 'reader' is pointed at it, it will acknowledge that the file is out there, with whatever bits of information the author put on the file. So then you can scan the bits of information without having to surf lots of different websites. So, in a way it saves time and makes life easier.

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