Forbes and memory loss

Forbes picks up the story relating to brain-matter loss, and reiterates the need for early detection and monitoring. Self awareness is what it's all about. Some of the tools that can help you do this are here.

If you've thought about getting a paid membership to Cognitive Labs, join the club. Many people have signed up in September, so why not you? You can pay in almost in any currency: dollars, euros, yen etc., and you can also use paypal. For just $19.95 it's a great deal, and you don't have to puchase any hardware or a new game player to exercise your brain, plus, you get scientifically tested games standing behind published research (the result of our extensive R&D over several years) and if you're so inclined, sign up for memory and brain research here in the Bay Area, home of innovation. Lots of people have.

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