Cognitive Changes of Spaceflight

As promised, we are going to begin sharing some of the information we have collected on the physical and cognitive effects of spaceflight.

The following is available from NASA, other individuals who have been involved in conducting repeated physical exams on returning astronauts have discussed their data on physical changes: significant weight loss, loss of muscle mass, organ functioning changes, atrophy and lengthening of the extremities: it would be interesting to follow changes that occur once there is a semi-permanent base in space and individuals are effected for more than 1 year...and what, if any would be the effect on a second generation that was conceived and carried to gestation in space.

Current research on amphibians shows that upon return, space-born amphibians appear to be genetically encoded for the earth environment and return to 'normal' swimming behavior, but who knows how strong the encoding is and for what duration.

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