BrainAging Challenge

Here's an incentive to take our new brain aging test.

If you sign up now, starting on 9/3
you will get an analysis of where you fit in the continuum of people who have taken the test. We're drawing the line at 10,000 people since August 20th, so time is running out. After we reach the first 10,000...that's when the notices will go out by email. On one axis we have 'speed' on another we have 'age' a third axis is accuracy; not unfamiliar if you know 3-dimensional geometry.

So you will be able to know whether you above or below the line, relative to your date of birth.

In the future, MRI will come into play as part of the evaluative paradigm earlier than it is currently, in fact, the scientific groundwork is being laid for this.

Of course, what we're offering is science-based and of sufficient rigor, but still a game, in the way that Nintendo's BrainAge is. But developed with the input of more scientists....

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