Mental Sharpness the Number One Health Concern for Seniors

A survey of people 63 and older placed "maintaining mental sharpness" as their number one health concern, according to United Health Care, a Health Maintenance Organization, with 59% of participants ranking it number one. Interestingly, older seniors choose to receive health-related information from their physician, while younger seniors prefer the Internet.

some additional details

-- More Seniors Care More About Health than Wealth: Nearly seven out of
10 seniors (69%) expressed concerns about their health and well-being,
a larger percentage than those who expressed concern about other
categories such as personal finance (52%), often considered a top
source of anxiety among older Americans, spiritual well-being (58%)
and receiving adequate care in old age (56%).

-- Most Staying Up-to-Date on Health Care: Eighty percent of seniors
reported that they keep up-to-date on the latest health news. Doctors,
at 43%, are the most popular source of health information for seniors.
The Internet (25%) is the second most common resource consulted by
seniors, although younger respondents were more likely to go online
for health answers than older ones.

-- Maintaining Mental Sharpness a Priority: Preserving their mental
function is a bigger concern among seniors than the relationship
issues, mood disorders and emotional problems that can accompany
aging. Nearly six out of 10 seniors (59%) are concerned about staying
mentally sharp. Less than half (48%) say they are concerned about
maintaining social relationships. Less than one-third are concerned
about dealing with depression (32%) and loneliness (31%).

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