It's The Network

Cognitive Labs is getting ready to launch a new site. This will fit into our overall theme of brain fitness, performance, and competition - at any age.

One of things that you probably don't know is that we did a study affiliated with the University of Texas that shows a correlation between brainspeed and IQ. In fact, it was possible, given regular practice, to actually improve IQ. And, as many educators have noted (those who design standardized tests) that IQ is linked to those ever-popular standardized tests that we all dread.

Another thing that you may or may not know is that regular practice can actually enhance scores on standardized tests such as the SAT. Several years back, when we were in the build-up and R&D phase a study was done at a prominent Southern California High School...and that's what the results showed. No one has showed that sodoku or translating Livy (and the exploits of the barbarian, Hannibal in getting his elephants across the Alps) translates into improved SAT scores. However, using our tests may build reserves of concentration and focus enabling this outcome.

More news on this exciting new development is forthcoming

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