For Fall 2006, the BrainAging Game from Cognitive Labs

Cognitive Labs Releases "BrainAge"-type "BrainAging Game"
based on a decade of research on IQ, chronometrics, speed of processing in cognitive evaluation, memory assessment, and usability.

Our FREE game encompasses research at UC-Berkeley, Stanford, UC-Irvine, Scripps, Palo Alto Veterans Healthcare system, and additional institutions coupled with an understanding of how to deliver a power-packed, scientifically-relevant experience with a minimum of fuss such as downloads, installing software, driving to the store, buying cartridges, and buying a Nintendo DS.

Dr. Ryuta Kawashima's work (underpinning Nintendo's Brain Age) falls into the middle of this continuum, as Dr. Jensen's (bio)work on chronometrics in the U.S. predates Dr. Kawashima's in Japan.

Contact us if you want to collaborate on the mobile phone version of BrainAging.

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