Reflection Pond

The last time in Yosemite, we took walk to the world famous Reflection Pond and found two things out:

(1) There is no reflection
(2) There is no pond.

Cognitive Dissonance.

In fact, it silted up years ago. Even though (as below) you see images everywhere...but this looks like the Merced River

To avoid the crowds and curious bears, try the Lava Beds. This a little known National Monument to the Northeast of Mt. Shasta in remote N.E. California.

In ancient times, it abutted a massive lake (which has shrunk considerably) around which Native Americans have left interesting petrogplyhs. The lava caves (with temperatures in the 50's, mark a sharp contrast to the 100 degree plus weather of the landscape in the daytime. A group of well-armed Modoc Indians made a "last stand" here against the U.S. Cavalry in the latter 1860's, necessitating the mustering of a huge force (by the standards of the American West) to end the insurrection. The Modocs resisted relocation to the reservation.

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