Operating Update

Cognitive Labs headed to its top month in Ad sales, which is more than it costs us to run the site in direct operating costs.

And, all we offer right now is Adsense from Google and make no effort to sell ads directly.

The reason is, apparently, good content.

Monthly page views for this month will pass our first quarter total and maybe our 2nd quarter 06.

But the inventory available is still there. As you might gave noticed, the new tests can also feature Ads, with 20 screens shown during each test. (These do not get included in the page view totals as they run inside a movie)

In case you are wondering. Apparently there is no limit on the growth since we just exceeded our 2006 business plan goal for page views, outlined in January, also this week, even though a fairly significant partner, Revolution Health, took its portal offline and pulled away traffic, which we have replaced and more.

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