The New Advertising System

Cognitive Labs is working towards a self-service advertising system. At this moment, you can outline your budget, pick an ad-format: banner, skyscraper, text ad, and more...indicate where you would like to place an ad (Gaming Pages, Alzheimer's Pages) and place your order.

There are TWO ad formats for Memory TV:

(1) Full Screen Spot: Your brand and message are communicated to the audience of a particular test - right before the instructions. Contextually Relevant. Creates thousands of opportunities to deliver your message to the people that probably need to hear it and are most likely to respond

(2)Baseboard Spot: Your message runs in the footer above the scoring. This also builds brand, in a more repetitive way.

Consumer marketing experts (Ph.D.'s) believe that ideas communicated in brain games and puzzles are more likely to resonate with buyers over the long term, because this is what research shows. Read our post on ANAGRAMS

So, you can get started now with Cognitive Labs and our completely new, Cognitive Advertising Format, giving you space inside of Memory TV.

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