Global Warming... A serious issue

Do you like our global brain/global warming theme? I was going to superimpose Al Gore's smiling face over the Earth but it looked like the man in the moon, you know, since Mr. Gore has added some weight. Then I thought maybe Newt Gingrich as a kind of anti-matter to Gore's matter, or vice-versa.

But nevertheless, do what you can to cool the earth down so we can avoid a tough hurricane season in the SouthEast, avoid fires in the West, and make sure there's enough water.

You can imagine what an extended drought would do to California, Arizona, and Nevada which are operating on thin ice right now - all the water that precipitates is being used. In Nevada, there's a deficit. 10,000 years ago the climate in central Nevada was much wetter and glaciers covered the mountains which today are dry peaks in the Great Basin - the water surplus of those millennia is being used today, just ask geologists and rangers in the Great Basin and that's what they'll tell you...

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