Consumer Space Flight Update

The concept of consumer space travel has been very much in the news recently, starting of course with the work of Paul Allen and Richard Branson and also some others.

Recently, several individuals have invested $20 million a piece to get a view of the earth from above; now for $35 million courtesy of Space Adventures you will be able to get out of the craft and float around (tethered of course).

I have been promising that report from NASA Ames on the effects of space flight on the human body (this is based on some discussions with researchers there) and that's coming...

Apollo era controls (no sudoku at the time!)

It is almost time to think of some new ways to accelerate the development of consumer flight, sure to become, eventually a common activity. You are going to need to do a couple of things as well - make sure that your brain is in A-1 condition, that is cognitive abilities and cognitive dexterity as you never know what can happen or if conditions subtly change onboard which could affect judgment and cognitive processes. You are going to need to create a baseline before you start out and monitor yourself over time.

You also will need to exercise the brain with beneficial activities (see above)...stay tuned as we work on ways to 'get ready' for the future and actually help it to come about in a meaningful way.

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