Cognitive Labs iBrain Offers

For a limited time, we are offering the iBrain pass.

gives you not only access to all tests and games but also some delicious summer delicacies, in bulk, that have one thing in common - they all support cognitive function according to recent research - including chocolate, salmon (omega 3), natural ingredients in coffee that support attentiveness, and blueberries, renowned for antioxidant powers. The blueberries we offer are dried and therefore perfect to take on a hike; but are offered in bulk - you'll be surprised to see how much you get. The independent research on each of these substances has been published in the scientific literature, if you do a search on one of these terms you'll see what we mean. Of course, you can still buy memory for life for less than $20, which for now, includes memorypix for free, and is now clearly the best deal in the world for monitoring and protecting your memory.

Note: cognitivelabs makes no specific medical claim as to the effectiveness of the substances, we rely on the body of published scientific literature, nor have these statements been evaluated by the FDA. iBrain offer valid in the U.S. only

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